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The dreaded writers block.


It happens to everyone.

You’re sitting down to work on the next part of your story (Or essay or what have you) and….. you just sit there staring at a blank screen. No matter how hard you try, nothing comes to mind!

Now I’m not sure what anyone else does to fight it, but here are a couples of ways I deal with the block.

Number one, sometimes the scene I need to write is just not the scene I want to be writing at the moment. Maybe it’s because the characters are not talking to me, or I’m just not in the mood. The best solution is to get started on another scene which strikes my fancy. This helps a lot.

Number two, and this one is most common. I have writers block because I don’t like what I’m writing. I feel like whatever comes out is just crap. The timing isn’t right, the words are stale, everything about it stinks. When this happens, I remember the best piece of writing advice I ever heard. Give yourself permission to write badly. Seriously. No one is going to see it until you want them to. Just write it and then go back and change it later.

Number three, this one feeds into the last one slightly. Just write whatever the heck you want to. This worked for Gillian Flynn’s Gone girl. She was stuck, so Flynn started to just write off on a tangent. It turned into the books infamous “cool girl” speech. No one see’s the writing unless you want them to see it.

Number four and last one, is this the right way to go? If you’re really stuck and nothing else is working, think about it. Are you trying to push your characters (Or ideas) in ways they aren’t willing to go? If so, writers block might be their way of saying this isn’t right. You might need to take a good hard look at your plot.

As I once saw on a meme, writers block is when our imaginary friends refuse to talk to us =)

Anyone have any other  good ideas to get past writers block?




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4 thoughts on “The dreaded writers block.

  1. I also get writer blocks because I wasn’t fond of what I wrote. But the real reason why I have writer blocks was because of laziness…


  2. I’ll leave it be for awhile. I’ll edit something or write in another story I’m working on. often, I talk to characters from someone else’s book. By then, I’m unblocked.

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