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Ames’ random thoughts-Black friday

Black Friday, it started in the 1930’s as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and a way for stores to get back into the black.

But it’s quickly turned into a mad house.

In the recent years, stores are opening earlier and earlier. They used to open early Friday morning. Now some stores open at six pm on Thursday evening. What next?  Five pm? Noon? Being open all day on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is about spending time with friends and family and being thankful for what you have. The holiday’s name literally says, give thanks.

But only in American can we go from being thankful to pushing, shoving and outright fighting random strangers all we can have that hot item.

What happened to being thankful for what we have?



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One thought on “Ames’ random thoughts-Black friday

  1. Despite the news networks, who again today, showed clips of customers fighting over some “limited quantities” items in a big-box store, most of us do take time to give pause, and give thanks.

    I myself wanted to speak on the phone to a dear friend today. Alas, due to other people, it wasn’t possible. I still gave thanks for this person in my life and for all times we do get to talk.

    As to the stores, I would recommend you research “Blue Laws”. It was a more gentile time. The bean counters all but killed these restraints on wholesale commercialism.


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