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Ames’ random thoughts-the sheep.

It returns. Bwahaha.

Anyway, tonight I was talking to my dad about my older brother’s kids and the cute things they say, when the story came up.

It usually does in my family when we start talking about kids and stuff kids do.

What’s the story you ask? I’m glad you did.

When I was little and I mean like… really little (3ish) my dad worked for a sheet metal company. My grandfather (his dad) used to work for the same company.

Anyway, one day my grandparents were over and my dad and grandfather were talking about his job. I happened to wander over to listen to this conversation.

I can’t remember exactly what they were talking about, but out of the blue I randomly asked, “Daddy, what’s do you do with the sheep?”

Both of them stopped to stare at me.


“The sheep.” I insisted. ” In sheep metal?”

It’s been over two decades since this conversation and my father still has not forgotten it. It quickly became a family story and an inside joke about herding sheep while installing sheet metal.

Needlessly to say, anything to my nephew says still hasn’t gained as much attention as his poor aunt’s childhood blunder.

I just shrug it off. I had hearing problems as a kid. What are you gonna do.

Hope everyone’s having a good week =)




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