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The Routine.

Hey everyone, anyone else see the New Star Wars movie? Was I the only one looking at the plot like a writer?

No, just me? Well then.


One of the hardest parts of writing for me is to get started. I mean, it’s just so easy to get distracted. Ever heard the old joke if the internet had been invented 300 years ago, imagine what wouldn’t have been created?

Yeah, exactly.

I mean to write, but I sit down and the internet just grabs me. Facebook! MSN! Today show! All these new blog posts to read! Once you get started, suddenly you realize four hours have gone by without you typing a single word of the novel you’re supposed to be working on.

So I have a routine which helps me. Now I don’t follow it 100% (I actually broke it this morning, but only because I was in the mood to write) but I’d say 98%.

First, I usually only write right before I go to bed. Most of the time (except for this morning apparently) I can’t write any sooner. I’m just too distracted to get down to writing any sooner. So after I get home from work, I usually gift myself a few hours to goof off online. This helps cut down on distractions.

Second, is I always have something to drink with me. Usually it’s just my water bottle, but this past week it was lemonade and November was the month of hot cocoa. It’s easier to have my drink close by for when I need it.

Some people can’t write if music is playing and some people can’t write without it. I fall right in the middle. A lot of times I’ll find a song which matches the mood to help me get going, but this can also work against me. Sometimes I’m just all over the play and working really hard to stay on track. It’s during these times the music distracts me, so it goes off.

I’m also kind of weird about writing scenes in order. The book I’m currently working on is about 12,000 words right now. The first scene I wrote was the first chapter, I then wrote a few random scenes around 30% and I’m now working on the second half/ending.

I’ve always been like this. Someone asked earlier this week about if I outline or I just start writing and go. While I do plan some stuff out (always the ending) the middle usually sneaks up on me.

For my current book, the second half is very complex and has required a lot of research with more to come. I just want to get the difficult part out of the way before I go back to write the easier part.

That’s how I write. It’s weird, but it works for me. I think that’s the most important part. Do what works for you.

How do you get your writing done?




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4 thoughts on “The Routine.

  1. I pretty much write in a linear fashion, from start to finish, BUT, that’s not to say I don’t deviate now & then. I have written out of order. Sometimes a scene comes to me which is just too delicious (did I really say delicious?) to not write. So, yeah, sometimes I do write out of order. I have a writer friend, and we bounce ideas off of each other on a daily basis. So, often, these great ideas will get me writing out of order too.

    I’m a day person by nature, but I can write when the mood strikes me, morning, day or night. I usually don’t put on music, but often I do it as the mood strikes me. I often have my beloved coffee with me as I write. I find I write really well, and loose track of time if I have a friend with me as I type.

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  2. I just saw Star Wars last night and I really enjoyed it! I wasn’t thinking about the actual writing of the movie per se, but I was impressed by the impact this fictional world has had on viewers. People in the theatre actually cheered when certain characters appeared on the screen. I could not help but think, “Wow, that is some powerful fiction! Look at the emotional reaction these characters are able to illicit!”

    As for my writing routine, well I only started working on my novel this last week. Still a nascent routine has emerged. I take care of my cats in the morning then immediately sit down on my bed to write. I have to have silence. Music distracts me. Also I set my phone for one hour. I’m not sure why I do this. I guess it is because this task still seems so impossible that I get easily overwhelmed. When I set the clock for an hour, I just have to focus on working for that one small piece of time. It makes the task more manageable I guess. Today I wrote for longer than an hour which was nice. When I finish my hour, I write a blog post.

    This routine is working for now, but I don’t have a job at the moment. I can already tell that is is going to have to change when I find employment.


    1. Oh yeah, I enjoyed it as well. I do agree, very powerful. I just can’t help but look at everything with a writer’s eye.

      That’s a good routine, to just write for an hour. I hope you can keep it up when you get a job again.


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