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Sibling relationships in literature.

Without a doubt, one of my favorite things to write is family and siblings relationships.

Maybe it’s because I have several brothers (No sisters sadly) and I always wanted more. I know if I can afford it, I want to have a large family after I get married.

I’m currently writing about a character who has 1 full brother, 5 half brothers, two step sisters and a half sister. Let me tell you, writing a family like the this has been the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

While this is quite a stretch for most people (I promise the rest of my siblings are just the usual one or two) I just can’t get enough.

I think this is because there’s a certain magic in these relations. Be it good, bad or ugly. Why? Because I think it can go so many ways.

You could have siblings who are best of friends. They hang out all the time, if sisters they share clothes, they’re BFF who just happen to share blood.

But it can be the opposite.

In my second book (still editing, hope to get it published soon) I wrote about a set of siblings, a girl who’s 23 years old and her younger brother who’s 19. They /hate/ each other’s guts.

The two of them were raised by a single father and both grew up in a constant war for their father’s attention. Even worse is when their dad kinda favored his son over his daughter.

A quick quote,

(“Come on sis,” My brother says. ” We all know how this is going to end. With me being praised for being the best and you getting punished again for being such a screw up. Don’t ruin this reputation now.”
Rage rushes through me. It’s one thing to be aware of the fact he was always the favored one, it’s really another to have him rub it in my face.)

This makes for such great conflict. The feeling these two have toward each other run from smug to bitter, angry, jealous and loathing.

Even siblings who don’t have such a bitter rivalry can have interesting. It’s pretty rare to have a set of siblings who  always get a lot. People are people, it’s rare when they get along so well, there isn’t any fight or even disagreements. Especially for when they have to live in close quarters for years.

Now this post isn’t taking a shot toward only children. I do thing characters who don’t have siblings can still be interesting, but I’d honestly say try to give at least of your characters siblings. If the story is only about the main character, the love interest and the villain, it can get kinda dull. A brother or sister would be an added relationship to show some more depth.

Everyone have a Good Christmas/Joyous Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate. If none of these a good New Years =)







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