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Do not fear the darkness.

Hey guys. Real quick this will probably be the last post for a week or so. I’m on a hard earned vacation right now. I want to tell you I’ll be good and keep posting, buuut… yeah.


I’m the kind of person who honestly is a comedian at heart. I love funny stuff which makes people laugh.

But interestingly enough, my writing really does not reflect this part of my personality. Like at all.

It’s not that I don’t want to write lighthearted stuff, I do.  I just find myself writing darker and more serious topics more often. Very rarely am I writing anything with a sweet carefree happy ending.

I can give an example.

My current Novel-In-Progress (working Title “I’m not sure if I’m alright” currently at 21,000 words) is about a 16 year old boy who struggles with intense depression (so he thinks). At one point in the story he seriously thinks about suicide.

While I have had periods of being down, I’ve never been anywhere close to my character’s thoughts. So I could understand it more, I did a lot of research about this mental illness and what it’s like for people going through this. How they live their lives while fighting their own inner demons.

A few times I’ve shared some of the things I found out with people and to my surprise, it made them uncomfortable.

There were some exceptions, but very few wanted to talk about these dark and serious topics. No one wanted to hear about the pain of waking up and wondering if they could make it another day.

Especially when I got into suicide awareness, it’s a topic we usually sweep under the rug. In fact a few of my relatives got a bit worried about me since I was discussing this.

I personally take an interest in this because I once helped talk someone out of a hard place. It’s very near and dear to my heart.

Now while I’m a bit extreme (I can’t get enough research in) it opened my eyes a bit. We as a culture don’t want to discuss these scary topics, we want to stay in sunshine filled meadows and hope the monsters leave us alone.

Maybe because we’re too scared to address our own monsters? Or are we just ignoring the elephant in the room, hoping it goes away?

What I took away from this fellows authors and readers, is don’t fear the darkness. Don’t shy away from the hard topics. The ones which make other turn red and shush us.

Life isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. It’s hard sometimes, really really hard. But if we keep shoving these topics under the rug, how could anyone dealing with these issues in real life have the courage to bring it up?

After all, they learned from the best these are something /we don’t talk about./

Food for thought.

Anyway, everyone have a great and safe New Years. I’ll post my blogging goals for 2016 here in a few days. First there’s a beach with my name on it =)







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