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The joys and misery of editing.

Editing, something everyone in the world has to do. Even if you’re not writing a book, you still need to look through and proof read your emails or blog posts before you send them out.

b/c posting lik dis dun look gud.

It can go easy some of the time. But sometimes, I just want to throw everything away!

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing. There’s nothing better then getting into the zone and cranking out a real gem of a piece. Sometimes the words just flow and I just have great stuff to work with.

I think the worst times are where I go over a scene several times. I read and reread it. I read it out loud, I run spell check. I think I have a good piece! At least until my beta reader Texaswordsmith reads it and returns the pages covered in red pen.

Then all the mistakes I didn’t see are glaring at me, like you should of seen this! What kind of writer are you????

Editing is hard, just plain hard. I sometimes worry I’ll get published and will go back to look at something and bam. There’s another mistake I missed!

Anyone else worry about this?





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2 thoughts on “The joys and misery of editing.

  1. As writers, we “see” things in our head which are not actually typed in, or we see words spelled correctly which are incorrectly spelled.

    We also flub a simple line, and make it a wordy mess of it.

    This is why we have beta readers and editors. They keep us straight, because fresh eyes always see what we miss.

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