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The open mic

(This was in my head all day, so I decided to write it down and share.)

A lone Microphone sits in the middle of the stage. Every night,people come across the stage and take turns speaking into it. There’s singing, poetry readings, short stories.

We hear them all.

Come tell your stories,  it beckons.

The good, the bad, the ugly. I won’t judge.

Tonight, it’s almost closing time. The last person finishes and steps off the stage. Everyone gets up to leave, when a voice calls. Wait! one more.

All the lights turn off and we see the dim outline of a person step onto the stage. It’s dark enough that we can’t make any out features.

“I have the best boyfriend in the world,” A female voice announces.

“There’s so many people who can say this, but for me it’s actually true. My boyfriend and I are nothing alike, but we compliment each other perfectly.”

“I’m loud and daring. He’s quiet and grounded. I’ve dreamed of sky diving since I was a kid, he’d only jump out of a plane if I dragged him out. I prefer being the center of attention, he’s more then happy to stand in my shadow.”

“Last year, I went through a terrible time period. My family, my own sister almost gave up on me. However my boyfriend -before we were dating- never did.”

Her voice swells slightly with emotion. “There’s some people who don’t like our relationship. They see us and scowl, or roll their eyes. I’ve seen people cross the street just so they don’t have to walk next to us. These are random strangers who don’t know either of us.”

“It’s hard sometimes, but I know he is the one for me. He’s kind, caring, loyal. He might not be perfect and everyone else might hate our relationship, but I can’t image a life without him.”

She stops for a second. “Next year, my boyfriend is going to be something else.”

The lights come back on and we all blink in surprise.

There’s a man standing on the stage. He takes a small device out of his mouth.

“Next year,” he says in a regular male voice. “My boyfriend will be my husband.” He turns and walks off state, ignoring our stunned looks.




Hi, I'm Ames! Welcome to my blog. About me Female Favorite foods: Apples, fried chicken and grilled cheese sandwiches. Hobbies: Traveling, reading, learning languages, writing and cooking. Favorite TV show: Big Bang theory. Hopes for this blog: People I don't personally know read my blog.

3 thoughts on “The open mic

  1. Ha!

    Interesting twist. I didn’t see this coming.

    This is yet another way we grow as authors. We do need to go to those other places which challenge our writing skills.

    Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The fun part is when we get to watch a fellow writer grow. I recall a person saying, “I could never write a ______ character.”

    The aforementioned writer has mastered this particular skill.

    Liked by 1 person

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