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Romance and all those ships.

Since Valentines day is right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to write about romance in fiction =)

For me, Romance is probably one of the biggest sticking points when I’m reading a book/watching a movie. I’ve never been a fan of pure romance where the main story is all about will the two of them get together?

Obviously. I mean, who writes a 400 page book and in the end the girl ends up with someone else and that’s it?  It doesn’t happen very much. So I dislike it because I get bored, I already see the ending coming. There isn’t a surprise.

Not to mention, the romance is rushed. In real life, a romance between two people takes time to build. If you meet someone and a week later, you’re dating, I promise this isn’t love. It’s infatuation, which is something completely different.

Real love takes a long time to build, it doesn’t happen in a week, or even in a month. It’s a slow process, filled with ups and downs.

If you ever see a couple together who really are in love, you can really see it! They’re happy to be around each other, they make a lot of eye contact. A lot of times, they have inside jokes, they touch each other and are comfortable around each other!

It’s for this reason, I’ve always found Harry/Hermione from Harry Potter a much better match then Hermione and Ron. Wait! Before anyone attacks me, listen to me and think about it.

In all seven books, Harry and Hermione are friends. They get along and work well together. They always have each other’s back, the two of them comfort each other and seek the other one out. Especially in the movies, I saw great romantic chemistry.

Now compare it to Ron and Hermione. They bicker all the time, she gets annoyed with the stuff he does. How many times in the movies did she swat him and say do you ever stop eating? This isn’t someone who’s  secretly in love, this is someone who’s annoyed and disgusted.

Jo Rowling herself even said she thinks the two of them would need counseling to stay together, because Ron wouldn’t make Hermione happy.  And Emma Watson who played her agrees!

Also the speed of which a romance is important. There’s so many times I’m reading a book and see the characters meet in chapter two or three and are in a relationship by seven or eight. That’s too fast! Heck, I think unless your book spans months or longer, a single book isn’t long enough to form a relationship.

Let it develop slowly and naturally. Listen to your characters. They always know the direction to go =)




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3 thoughts on “Romance and all those ships.

  1. Love in literature, as in RL, should always be a natural thing, which happens slowly, over time. I call it doing the dance. The dance takes time, it’s not something which happens quickly. All the steps are required so both persons are sure of themselves, and of each other.

    Lust happens quickly. If both parties are very mature, and have an understanding, they may survive it emotionally. If not, the consequence’s of the brief satisfaction of those well know biological urges, can be quite devastating.

    In my novel, I have a scene where a couple, who have been dating for quite sometime, have to decide whether to have sex one night, or refrain. They decide to wait. Their reasons led them to realize they may destroy their budding love by going upstairs. Ultimately, they marry.

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