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More self editing!

I know, I know. I keep posting about editing. The more I get into it, the more it comes out.However, every now and then I find something which really helps me and I want to share it with the world.

This morning, I just happened to google “self editing” and found this little gem.

How To Self-Edit Your Novel

This. This. This. This.

I’m sure everyone edits their work different, but this makes a lot of sense. it also have a lot of very helpful hints and just overall great stuff.

One is printing out your work and I agree with this 100%. There has been so many times I’ll read something on a computer screen, there’s a word missing, but my brain inserts it automatically. I don’t know how it happens, but it does!

Then somehow, when you print it out, you start seeing things you don’t normally see on the screen.

Maybe our eyes react different to words on a screen vs words on paper in front of us?

Another really helpful things from here is giving your work a break. I can not agree more. When you stare at a sentence (or chapter) for days on end, you start to miss things. I can’t explain the number of times someone pointed something out to me and I’m like… Omg, how did I miss that? taking a break is a good way to clear your head and get some distance from your work.

But yeah, I really recommend reading this article.

Anyone else know any good editing or writing tips in general?




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3 thoughts on “More self editing!

  1. I agree 100% with printing it out. I noticed this a long time ago, I could see things in print I could miss on a screen.

    Our brain does insert missing words. It’s because we planned on using the word, so even though it’s not there, our eyes just insert it.

    For me, giving it a rest causes me to find a better way to word some sentances.

    By far, the absolute best way though, is a Beta Reader! Nothing replaces a trusted friend who will read our work critically, and who will gently guide us when they see an error or deficiency of plot.


      1. I think the reason is because it makes sense
        in our minds, that is, we type it out and it doesn’t translate well on paper to get our intended thoughts across. A trusted beta reader can show us when we need to add something or make it more understandable. Sometimes the copy is good, but our beta reader tells us, “This person sounds too old or too young in the dialog. A person of this age would say it like this…”

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