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Best writing story ever.

Before long, every author has a story about them and their writing. Mine (Or maybe I should just say my first) came this last week.

As I’ve talked about several times in previous blogs, I’m currently writing about a boy with mental health issues. I did get several books from Barnes and Noble, and have done a ton of research from the internet. However, there’s something things you really need to speak to a live person with.

So I’ve spent a good chunk of time with medical providers, seeing what insight they could offer me. I really want to talk to psychiatrist, but they are incredibly busy people. I havn’t given up yet, but it’s going to be hard to get one to sit down and talk to me.

Anyway, so I was chatting with someone about mental health, deep depression and other things when I suddenly remembered something another novel I’ve been working on.

“Hey, I had another question.” I said suddenly. “If the tip of your finger was cut off, how much would it bleed? How long would it take the person to recover?”

Let me just say right here, this isn’t a good follow up question after you ask a bunch of stuff about mental health.

A few days later, a few people were concerned and I had to prove yes, I really am a writer. No, I’m not crazy, or planning to hurt anyone. It’s all for a book, I promise!

So that’s my writer’s story. I’ve heard others, like looking up names on a baby names website and having to explain later no, you’re NOT expecting. Calm down.

Anyone else got a weird/hilarious/awkward writer story?




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