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First person? Third person?

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of different ways to tell a story.

First person, which is the character telling the story from their point of view. The pronouns “I and we” are used.

I was walking down the hallway, when I saw him come around the corner.

Second person, which is the character telling the reader the story. This uses Pronouns “You.”

I was walking down the hallway when I saw you come around the corner.

Second person is a lot rarer, I’ve only read one book “Handle with care” By Jodi Picoult. (which is an incredible book, go read it) which was written in second person.

Third person is a detached narrator It uses “he, she and it” pronouns

Susie was walking down the hallway when saw the mysterious man come around the corner.

Then within third person, there’s also limited and omnipotent. Limited  is  when the narrator only knows the thoughts of one specific character. An omnipotent narrator knows every single character’s thoughts and can jump back and forth as they please.

Then there’s the tense you write in. A lot of books are written in past tense, although I have noticed the present tense is starting to pop up a lot.

I personally, love writing in first person present tense. For me, I feel like I can get deeper into the character’s mind when they’re telling the story directly. Their sorrow, anguish, joy and every other emotions, it just comes out much stronger if they tell you.

It’s in present tense because I feel like it gives the story more raw power. This isn’t characters who have been sitting around and thinking about the story for a while, no. They’re telling you as they live it. There is no pause, they just report it as it happens.

And I feel like that’s very strong. It’s easy for me to write like that, it all just comes out.

Last thing, when I’m writing, I like multiple narrators. Yes, multiple first person narrators. Yes, it can get a bit confusing sometimes. I’ve started out twice now thinking I’ll just have one narrator, but it always switched to at least two (In my second book, I have five characters telling the story)


Because there’s always more then one side to every story. Different character’s see different things. The story is longer and more engaging when everyone is contributing to show their part of the events.

So that’s how I write. How do you choose to rearrange your words?







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4 thoughts on “First person? Third person?

  1. I usually write from omnipotent narration.

    But recently, I’ve tried first person. Soon, I’ll be re-writing one of my stories in first person.

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  2. Typically I’m into first person but I am experimenting on a second person view. You know, just like first person but he’s talking about the other guy, not himself. But I’ll still consider it as first person.

    Epistolary novels are one of my favorite type of view. Seems interesting, and you can actually change the view whenever you like.

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    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! I feel the same way, second person is very intriguing and not done very much.

      I just finished a novel (Crazy by Amy reed) which is an Epistolary, it’s two characters emailing back and forth. It’s a different and refreshing view.


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