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The waiting game.

So this was me Monday morning, they day after I submitted my short piece to the lit magazine.

Omg omg omg omg, it’s been over twelve hours. They could of read it by now! Let me log in and check. I’m sure they’ll love it- awww…No response… Maybe later…

Rinse and repeat for several times a day. During lunch, after work, first getting up in the morning. It’s a non stop waiting game for people to get back to you and say if they like my writing piece and if want to publish it.

And the waiting is TERRIBLE!

Every website I’ve read, anyone else who’s published has always said to do stuff to keep your mind off it. Work on other projects, write and edit other things. Keep an eye out, but don’t just sit there and hope they’ll get back to you.

But it’s so hard…

I don’t want to wait several weeks, I want to hear from them sooner. I know this sounds like the whine of a spoiled child, but dang it, it’s hard to wait.

I imagine it’s going to be even worse when I’m ready to start sending out my novel. First wait for an agent to like the query letter, then to read the manuscript, then get it sold to a publishing house!

Man, getting published takes a long time.

Ah well, it’s a journey. One, hopefully I’ll look back onto in years to come and be glad I took it. =)

As this great quote I once read. “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Isn’t that the truth.

Now to go check my email one more time…




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4 thoughts on “The waiting game.

  1. Oh yes, the waiting is nerve wracking

    I’m waiting on not one, but two right now. my novel is with a publisher, who is reviewing it. A short story of mine is with a magazine.

    Tick-tock, has it been a month? oh no, just three days, now.

    Off to check my email too.

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  2. I know how it feels @authorames. I submitted a devotional last year and still haven’t heard a word from them. I kind of forgotten about it trying to work on other projects and keep up with my blogs. I know it’s hard to settle your mind and get on with something else whilst you wait to hear particularly when it’s your first submission. Hope you hear from them soon…


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