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Are we ever really done?

What an incredible week.

Besides getting to visit family members, I bought a car ( 2010 Ford Escape, woot!) and finished the first draft of my 3rd book. Right now it’s at 82,000 words and not even close to being finished.

In fact, even though I’m saying “it’s done”, this is really only the beginning. I’m going to let it rest for a while I let the beta readers read it, get their comments, start working on book four (I’ve been looking forward to writing four for months) and then get started on editing.

However, I’ve been thinking about something. Is a book ever really finished?

I’ve heard published authors talk about this subject. You write and edit and polish, but sometimes it feels like there’s always something else to do. One more detail to add, just rewrite this chapter.

So what’s an author to do?

I guess in my opinion, is  to just get it to the point where you feel happy with other people reading it. If you think a certain part, or character isn’t ready, then get it to that point.

Then accept it and move on. There are other books and more characters who need their stories told. If we just stay stuck on it, you don’t learn and grow as an author.

As for everything else, I’m still waiting to hear back about my short story I submitted to the literary magazine. Man, it feels like it’s taking forever. It’s been almost two months! I wonder how long it will be before they get back to me.

Book one is about half way done with intense editing. Hopefully it will be finished around the summer time.

Book two, I have one more short scene to rewrite before I start an intense, line-by-line edit. This will probably be a while before I get through the more intense edit as I’m not done with the first book yet.

Book three’s rough draft is done. Resting it for a bit and then onto the first round of editing.

Book four is about to begin =)

Oh man, the future is bright. So many words to write and such little time to write them.

What do you guys think, is it hard to stop editing an old project and move onto a new one?

Let me know




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