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The next big thing…

In novels and and fiction, there’s a lot of “big things”. The craze which hits and it hits hard. Like in the mid 60’s, it was the time of westerns, soon followed by Star Trek and the space craze.

In the early 2000, it was Wizards. This is when Harry Potter was at the height of his fame.

After wizards died out, then Vampires came onto the scene. Twilight!  Vampire Academy! Vampire diaries! True blood! The blood suckers stormed onto the scene with a new makeover. They were complex creatures who fell into love with humans. The only connection they had with old fashion vamps was they still drank blood (some of the time)

After the blood died off, then Zombies drooled their way in. Walking dead, warm bodies and such.

However, it feels like these are slowly dying.

What’s going to be next? Any idea?

I personally think crime is on a rise. Not crime novels where the main characters solves the crime, but novels where the main characters are taking part in these crimes.

But that’s just me.

You guys have any idea? I’d love to hear your thoughts.






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