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Always coming up short…

So on my first novel, I’ve almost done with a hard line-by-line edit. It won’t be the last edit I’ll do on the novel before I start querying, but this is the really big one.

I’ve an spell check, I’ve edited all the scenes until I’m happy with them, I’m now just going line by line. I’ll probably let it rest a bit before going over it one more time, but it’s getting close. I hope to be done with this edit in two or so months.

There’s just one thing…

Word count.

Word count is important in books. Like, did you know, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (which I do not own. Just throwing that out there) is the longest of the Harry Potter books, at 257,045 words.

That’s a lot of words.

On my second and third novel , word count was not an issue. Book two’s word count is a whopping 95,000 and book three is 82,000 (and I have a list of short scenes I need to add in). I’m happy and content with both of those. It’s a good, solid number.

However, book one is at 67,000.

I know this is long enough for it to be a novel, but I’d really, really, really like to get it up to 70,000.

Maybe I’m just a touch crazy, but I like saying a nice, round number, rather than throwing out  67,00.

However, the only way I could get it up to 70,000 is well… to pad. I’ve gone over the story several times, there really isn’t any other important scenes I could add or expand. I’d pretty much be sticking in little bits here and there until I get it to the length I want.

But is padding really the best way to go? Is there a way to add muscle to it without adding fat? No one wants to to read a fatty novel.

I’m kinda feeling bleh about this. Any advice guys?




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2 thoughts on “Always coming up short…

  1. Unfortunately, padding always sticks out like the sore thumb it is.

    Editors and beta readers always tell us, edit, edit, edit.

    Don’t stress on word count. Consentrate on having the best story, and most clear, consice scenes to get the novel moving forward.

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