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After the waiting period.

There’s a glorious moment when you finish writing the first draft. Finally, finally, it’s done! I mean, you know there’s still a lot of work to be done in the future. However, the first part is done. You sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. Celebration all around!

Then it goes into a drawer to wait. After all, you’ve been staring at this thing almost everyday. It needs fresh eyes. Since you can’t erase the memory of seeing you, you do the next best thing and put it away for several weeks. Then when you come back to it, it will be a fresh look.

And when that time comes, oh dear.

I just finished a rough draft last month. I’m not ready to start editing on it (mostly because I’m extremely close to finishing editing on another project and I like to  finish something before I start new), but I took a look.


I can say, without a doubt, the first thought which went through my mind  was, I actually wrote this??????

Way too many characters rolling their eyes and sighing.

Several scenes which need to be re-written/added in/deleted.

A minor character is going to get axed.

And just a whole lot of editing. Editing all day, editing all night.

Before I seriously got into writing, I always doubted the whole-put-it-away-and-give-it-a-rest-thing. I did! It doesn’t seem like it would work. But it does.

I didn’t forget the major details, but I did forget the minor stuff. Since I wasn’t looking at it everyday, I wasn’t thinking about it.

And it gave me a fresh look. It works, I swear by it.

Anyway, the plan is to edit this baby up and hopefully start querying by the New Year. Of course, this is going to be pretty interesting. I’ve never queried, I have no idea how to write a synopsis and I know very little about the publishing world.

It’s not going to stop me though =) Too much hard work has been put into research and writing these books. They are getting out into the world.

How do you edit?

In other news, still haven’t heard about the short story I submitted several months ago. Someone told me they take a while, so I’ll give it a bit more time, but we’ll see. The silence might mean no.





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