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When it comes to Gone Girl.

They’re a LOT of great books out there, because there’s a lot of good authors. I feel like a month doesn’t go by without me discovering another great book. We live in a great time for novels.

However, very few books are like Gillian Flynn’s 2012 smash hit, Gone Girl.

(I am going to be talking about spoilers and such, so if You have not read this book, please, please go do so. Or if not, keep reading and prepare to be spoiled.)

Anyone who’s read this, know what I mean. Gone Girl is a thriller and it is a phenomenal train wreck of a book to read. And I mean in that in the best way. I read this book in a day and a half and would sneak five pages in. here and there at work so I didn’t have to stop reading . It’s dark, it’s twisted (the author actually gives a shout out to her husband in the back, saying thank you for sleeping next to me even though you know what’s going on in my head) The whole time, It felt like watching a train wreck. You know it’s going down, but you can’t look away.

So what’s the story. (Here come  some of the spoilers.)

Nick and Amy Dunne are a married couple living in Missouri. On their 5th anniversary,  Nick gets up, seeing his wife making breakfast, heads out and comes back around noon.

He finds his house trashed and his wife gone.

From here, the story splits into two sections. We have Nick’s first hand accounts of meeting with the police and FBI, trying to find any leads, the whole missing person account. The second part is from Amy’s diary, which tells how they met in New York seven years ago , married, lost their jobs and moved to Missouri to take care of Nick’s dying mom., last entry not long before she disappeared.

There’s just a few little things which don’t add up. In Nick’s present day parts, he describes Amy as Brilliant, moody, always thinking and holds grudges. He doesn’t hate his wife, but he says she’s starting to become someone he doesn’t know.

In Amy’s past journal entries, she describes herself as kind, loving, fun. After the two of them get married, it starts out fairy tale happy, but slowly gives way to emotional abuse. She’s been pushed around a few times, he drinks a lot, yells at her and has reckless spending habits.

Her last entry? “I think my husband might kill me.”

From here, we learn both of the main characters have secrets, have been lying to each other (and us) and are both doing some really bad things.

From page one, it had my attention.

I love this book (It’s in my top five all around favorites. Too bad I forgot to put in into that post last week!) because the author writes very real and honest. She is a master and isn’t afraid to pull punches or hold back. As most know, this book is dark and gritty and insane.

Which is probably why it did so well. Everyone else was writing tame sweet stories. She wanted to try something new and rise above the rest.

What I really enjoyed was the techniques she uses inside the story. It’s a suspense story full of shocking twists and delicious turns. I usually have an idea of where things are going, but there was several points, I didn’t have a clue. This is excellent storytelling.

Mrs. Flynn also made excellent use of unreliable narrator. How many times do you read a book where you’re being lied by the characters because they’re just plain horrible people?

The next thing is her characters. Oh, the characters.

I will be honest, I hate the two main leads. They are terrible people and deserve each other completely. Does it make me dislike the book? Not in the slightest.

A moved based on this book was made in 2014 and the cool girl scene is probably the best in the entire movie. It gave me goosebumps. This, is incredible writing.

I will say this, I do not agree with or approve of what Amy did. But I understand why she did it. And I think that’s the mark of an excellent wordsmith.

Overall, this is an incredible book. If you have not read it and can handle dark, gritty, crazy books, please go read it.

Highly recommend.

Do you agree? Is Mrs Flynn’s book amazing or undeserving of the hype?


(Note: I do not own either the book or the movie. They are not mine)




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