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Wonderful editing tool.

As any writer knows, editing is hard.

Even if you don’t write novels, being able to write a clear, well worded email for work is very important. And it’s hard. Good writing is a difficult skill to develop.

Sometimes though, there’s little tools online which can help. I personally love being able to improve and helping others do so as well.

This is one I found and really want to share. Even if you’re not an author, I believe it can help out a lot.

From an article from mentalfloss about this.

–“Expresso is a free app that points out style issues in blocks of text. Lifehacker reports that the app is useful for identifying common writing issues like filler words, use of passive voice, and weak verbs. Simply copy and paste the text you’re working on into the app—or write directly in the text field—and let Expresso analyze your writing.”

Go take a look and see what it does for you. Happy writing everyone!




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