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Childhood dinners.

This is a response to The daily word prompt.

The word childhood brings back a lot of good images. Playing in the creek down by our house. Making forts in the backyard and weekend camping trips.

My fondest memories  however,  are my parents reading to me and my brothers. We had a tradition where my mom would read a chapter a night from the books The Chronicles of Narnia at dinner. It took over a year, but we finished all seven books.

In addition to  these, my parents read to me alone a lot.

I have dyslexia and when I was a kid, I struggled with read and writing a lot. (Ironic since I now want to write for a living) My mom’s a really big reader and she worried my difficulties would make me hate reading.

So reading became part of my daily life.

Dinner at our house took over thirty minutes. First Mom would sit down and start eating her dinner, like she had forgotten. Then the three of us would beg for the next chapter and she would read it. She’s always been good at reading out loud, her voice would get very excited. She’d make up voices for each of the characters.

Through this, we joined the kids in the book on their travels. We encountered the White Witch and Eternal Winter. We met The Great Lion and sailed across the Narrow Sea. Dinner time became less about eating and more about spending tome together as a family.

When she reached the end of the chapter, the book went away. No amount of begging for just one more or to be able to see the book privately between readings were allowed.

Looking back at it, I could of grown up to become a very different person. If I had been left to struggle alone, I might of grown to hate the written word.

I give intense thanks to my parents they didn’t let me go that way. They saw a creative imagination and gave it the tools to flourish. All in thanks, to those simple dinner readings.





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