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Diving into self publishing.

Well, here we go.

If you haven’t read the last few posts from me, sadly, my dear friend and beta reader, Mark passed away. It’s been a difficult past two weeks.

In 2008, he wrote a short story. A few years later, he wrote a second short story which involved the same characters from the first and continued the story. Then in 2014, he wrote a third. He liked the universe so much, in 2015, he combined all three short stories into a single novel and edited the crap out of it.

He was attempting to get it published when he died. He sent some query letters out in the last few weeks, but as far as I know, no biters.

So I’m going to self publish his novel. His wife already gave me her permission and soon as I get the manuscript, we are going to be a go.

As for now, I already have a cover all set up, as well as a blurb for the back cover. I wanted to preview them here.

“Revenge of the Vampires” By Mark Trope.

WP version.png

“The year is 1885, Vampire Prudence Adare is discovered and sequestered by a fanatic minister and his inner circle, the residents of a small, picturesque village in Upstate, New York. She remains imprisoned for 127 years. In 2012, she escapes and quickly takes librarian Margaret Grasso as a human servant.
Margaret’s world is turning sideways. She is compelled to obey her undead mistress, yet she still loves her boyfriend, Roland Higgins. Roland soon learns the truth about the Vampire. The path of duty is clear-Roland must destroy Prudence and save Margaret’s immortal soul from destruction. However, if he doesn’t make a choice quickly, he will soon be taking on more than one vampire. This forces Roland to make an agonizing choice about the woman he loves. Now he is being pursued by two antagonists: Vampire Prudence Adare by night and savvy Police Detective Janelle Walker by day, leaving him desperate and alone.”


Any thoughts? Like? Dislike? Sounds interesting? Please let me know =) and I’ll be posting soon about what it’s like to self publish a book.

A friend of mine (who’s self published 3 books of her own) told me about createspace. She said it’s really good (free too) and helps walk you through all the steps.

So as soon as I have the manuscript, we’ll see what it’s like!







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