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Several months ago (Back in March I believe) I sent in a short story to a literary magazine.

Since then, I heard nothing. In fact, I was starting to get worried I had submitted it wrongly and they just deleted it without a word.

But Finally, I got a reply tonight.

Dear Ames,

Thank you so much for your submission to Quantum Fairy Tales. Unfortunately, we cannot publish The Angel and the Robot. While we thought you had an interesting concept for your story, the main issue we saw with the story was the lack of description throughout. We felt there was more telling instead of showing through using description.
For example, in your story you talk about the robot, but you don’t really show us what the robot looks like. You could have used some really interesting description to paint a picture for the reader about what this robot looked like.
You may or may not find this helpful, but a while back I wrote a blog post about showing vs. telling. The post goes into more detail about showing and telling, and hopefully it will give you a better idea of what we look for when reading stories.
Although we are not able to publish this particular work, we really hope to see another submission from you in the near future. Thank you again for your support for QFT.
While it’s a no, this is a really nice and polite no. They also gave some really good feedback, more then just “We aren’t interested.”
I’m not mad, but they talked about describing a robot. I put a lot of description in about the angel, who I felt was a more interesting character. Cuz I mean, robot. When I say that, you instantly think of a metal man.
Whats to describe? Hunk of junk? How clean the metal is?
I guess I do have a bit of a problem with describing. I’ve never liked long winded descriptions of things. I do like to describe a little bit, but its never really been my thing. More like a detail or two and leaves it at that.
Oh well. This is the first step toward succeeding.
“If you haven’t failed, you haven’t lived” -Jennifer Cruise.


Hi, I'm Ames! Welcome to my blog. About me Female Favorite foods: Apples, fried chicken and grilled cheese sandwiches. Hobbies: Traveling, reading, learning languages, writing and cooking. Favorite TV show: Big Bang theory. Hopes for this blog: People I don't personally know read my blog.

6 thoughts on “Rejected!

  1. I’ve had my share of rejection letters, and I have to say that getting that sort of feedback is much better than a standard rejection. For them to give you helpful criticism should be a positive sign that your story held their interest!

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  2. See, with me, I see the possibilities of robot. Is it rusted, or clean? What materials? What size? How many arms? Wheels? Legs? Does it have eyes? How humanoid is it, or is it more like a robotic spider dragon?

    I haven’t read your story, of course, but I see robot as needing much more description than an angel. Unless it is an actual biblical cherubim. Those are freaky.

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