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Riding the roller coaster

I don’t know about you, but I do not like my life like a roller coaster.

The only thing I can say is I’m really glad I have a really good job and bosses who have been very understanding through this difficult time.

So, I have received the manuscript from Mark’s wife. I read through it once and it’s actually pretty solid. I’ve made a few very minor grammar corrections, but it’s pretty good.

He spent several years writing this and then another full year editing. The man clearly knew what he was doing.

Honestly, it doesn’t feel right for me to make any edits to it other then grammar or spelling. I know he had the story exactly how he wanted it. And while if it was my story, I could change it… It’s not mine to change.

It doesn’t feel right to make changes. So after I take one last look through for any spelling and grammar which could of gotten away, I will be publishing this bad boy.

Even though this isn’t my book, I’m still pretty excited about getting out there and getting my first taste of the publishing world. It’s what I’ve been waiting for so long!

So stay tuned, as I will soon be wrestling with createspace. My friend who’s used it before promised many times that it’s easy and walks you through the entire thing. Well… we shall see.

His wife also sent me many many many of his short stories. That’s really what Mark was into. He only had a novel because they were originally three short stories (with the same characters) and he combined them into one novel. He then wrote about eight to ten short stories of varies lengths.

One of the longest is about 17,000 words. The others vary, but all together, I think they will be a collection about novel length.

Some of them though, will need some editing. One she sent me, was written in 2007 and he hasn’t touched it since. When I opened it up, I cringed. It needs work, I can’t let the world read it this way.

Interesting enough, there was also a short story I hadn’t known about. He never even mentioned it. Kinda another little surprise.

The short story collection will take longer to get out there. I’m still editing and working and editing on my own novels as well,plus running two blogs, and working my day job, living my daily life. So it might take me a bit.

But Mark’s work will not be forgotten. I can promise that.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week




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