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Writing outside the comfort zone.

I could sum it up in a few words. It’s freaking hard.

*gets whacked repeatedly*.

Ha, anyway.

Well, on Mark’s book, I’ve been steadily working on it for at least an hour a night. A few days ago, I put almost five hours into that sucker. I think it will be ready in a few more days.

Beside this, I’ve been working really hard on my third book, I don’t know if I’m okay, my novel about the teenage boy with a mental disorder. I started writing it in December of last year and finished the first draft in April. When I’m not editing ROTV’s, I’m editing my own work. There’s still several scenes I need to write and I have two people who I want to read it. Then after that, I hope to start querying to try and get an agent.

However, the more I think about my main character, the more I sometimes feel at odd. I wonder if I wrote him correctly. Is he believable? And realistic?

As you can probably tell, I’m a female. While I have two brothers and was able to see them a teenagers, I’ve never been a teenage boy myself. I’ve written other male characters before (a 25 year, 41 and 62 year old guys.) But this was the first time I wrote a teenage boy from first person.

It’s hard stuff.

I think the hardest part was the mental illness. My guy suffers from intense depression, suicide ideation and anxiety. There’s a few times in the novel he breaks down into tears. Or he’s feels like there’s so many emotions inside his head and he can’t explain all of it.

And I won’t lie. It makes me worry people might see him as weak. Or a wimpy character.

However, I decided to take the risk. I wrote him as correctly as I could, according to the research I did for mental illness. Unless someone tells me they really see it as wrong, I’m keeping it.

So yeah. It’s hard. I’ve heard a lot of guys say they struggle with writing a female characters. I guess writing outside our own genders is difficult. It’s hard to take on a voice which isn’t ours and we can only hope we’re doing it correctly.

But it’s doable.

Give it a try. Write a character you think you could never accomplish. See what happens =) Maybe you’ll find something incredible.




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