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Reading nostalgia

So yesterday, I went to a book store (One which is frequented by Judy Bloom! The author! She sadly wasn’t there, but they said in the fall/winter, it’s very common to find her there. So stay tuned, I might meet a famous author this fall =)

Anyway, picked up a few new books, but one of them was just because I loved it in middle school and I really wanted to have it again.

“The Thief Lord,” By Cornelia Funke.

If you haven’t read this book, then I’m extremely sorry. Because it’s an incredible book. Even re-reading it as an adult, it still holds up after all these years.

The basic plot is about two orphaned brothers who run away to Venice, Italy after their parents die. Their aunt wants to adopt the younger brother, Bo, who is five years old and put the older brother, Prosper, who’s 12 into a boarding school. Unwilling to be separated, they make a break for Venice.

Once there, they meet a mysterious boy who calls himself, The Thief Lord. He’s the leader of a band of orphaned children who live in an old movie theater. He takes the two brothers in.

However, a detective is soon hot on the boy’s trail, along with dark secrets about the mysterious Thief Lord and his next job.

As a kid, I couldn’t get enough of this book. The plot’s fun and characters are great. And the settling is incredible!

Besides writing, I’m also a traveler(I have another blog, detailing my adventures on road trips across the U.S and overseas in Thailand, Singapore, India, and The Philippines, to name a few) This book is what made me want to see Europe, especially Venice. The author makes the city come alive. I could always clearly picture where the children were.

So while it’s a kid’s book, it’s one amazing adventure.

They made a movie about it. I saw it and sadly, it wasn’t very good. It had some good moments. They stuck to the plot pretty well, until about the last 15 minutes. Like always, the book is always better. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.





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