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Chapter Opinions

While I love and welcome comments on every single one of my posts, this is one I really really really want feedback on. Please.

So, getting very close to finishing editing Mark’s book. Hope to be done and publishing soon.

There’s just one thing. It was written as three short stories and them combined into one long story. It doesn’t have chapters, it has three acts.

Now personally, I kinda like the acts. The first one is medium length. The second one is the shortest and the third is the longest (Seriously. The third is like 40%  of the book.) Anyway, I feel like it works the way it is. Astricks are used to show a scene break. Like so.

Blah blah blah blah happens and this and that. End scene.


Annnd, now we have a new scene starting.

I mean, I could put chapters in… But I’ve been really trying not to edit the book too much more then grammar and such. I found one small plot inconsistency which I had to fix, but it was very minor. This book isn’t mine, I don’t want to change it to how I would write it.

So, here’s my question. Are chapters really needed? I understand why they are there and I have divided my own books with chapters. But.. I don’t know.

I personally like the acts.

Thoughts? Am I making it too hard on readers? Or just over thinking this?




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4 thoughts on “Chapter Opinions

  1. I like having chapters in my books. It helps me to describe where I am. Yet, if this is the way the book was written, I’d leave them. It will be a slight inconvenience to some readers, but I would personally stick with the way it was originally written, given the circumstances.

    Unless, of course, you’ve got a 300k-400k word novel on your hands. Splitting it into three isn’t enough.

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