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Pick that cover!

Self publishing! Woot!

Even though this isn’t my book, I can’t even talk about how excited I am about this. I mean, I’d give anything to have Mark back instead, but I know several people who want to read his book and I’m happy to honor him with this.

Not to mention, all of you who are probably like plz shut up about Mark…

Soon! Then we’ll be back to the regular scheduled broadcast of Ames saying nonsense. *whacked*

So, the first task is getting a cover for this book.

There’s a lot of ways a person could go about getting a cover. One, they could be an artist or have a friend who’s an amazing artist. Sadly, this route isn’t the way to go for me. I write, but can’t draw if my life depended on it.

Thankfully, there’s a website called, where artists design covers and you can buy them. The hardest part about this process is picking because there’s SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. (Seriously, it is)

Once you decide (Good freaking luck) You can customize it however you like, with fonts and colors. Then you buy the covers for between 70 to 100 dollars (depending on the piece)

This was all really easy. The only problem I had was this. My cover ended up having the title like this (for some reason, I thought it would be good to make it really freaking big)

Revenge Of
The Vampire.

Exactly like that. And When I put it in for the website, it cut off a tiny bit of the “T” in “The” and a tad bit of the “R” In “Revenge.”
To make it even worse, my day job said I have to look professional and can’t rip my hair out in frustration. (Probably a good thing. I have long hair.)

Thankfully, after you buy the the cover, you can go back and edit for no charge. So I went back and shrank the text some. Then when I got it back, it was perfect.
Live and learn. First lesson, don’t make the title so freaking huge.
But, with this step down, we can move on. Coming up next, formatting for hours until you want to throttle something.


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