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Now starting

So, with everything else taken care of (edits, cover chosen, all that stuff) It’s time to actually do this thing.

Publish this book.

I’ve been a bit slowed down because Mark’s widow wanted to read the book again one more before it’s published, but that’s okay. I’ve found out that no matter how much you edit, you still find mistakes!


Anyway, here comes the fun part.

So I used the website createspace and I’ll say this now, highly recommend for anyone who wants to self publish. If I ever decide to self publish myself (Only if traditional rejects me first) then I’m going to use this. It’s amazing.

Everything is simplified, they walk you through every step. Even though this was my first time, at no point was I confused or didn’t know what to do next. I really felt like they dummy proofed this sucker.

So, you put in all the information (Title, author and genre) I uploaded the cover (Had a few minor issues with the size of the wording, but that was quickly fixed), got an ISBN number and then uploaded the manuscript.

This is where things for difficult. Not because of the website, but because of the book. It has to be properly formatted for publishing

And I’m here to tell you, it’s a major pain.

The website had an internal editor which shows you how it will look in published form. Literally how each page will look. However, to make changes, you have to go back to your files on the computer, make the changes and then resubmit.

I had to resubmit about 15 times to before I had it looking exactly the way I wanted. Why? Because I wanted all three acts to start on new pages and every time a change is made, it effects the rest of it. So it took a lot of trial and error to get everything perfect.

Also, some of these times were because I wanted the intro pages, dedication, acknowledgments and about pages to all have their own pages. And a few times, getting these set up would mess up the how each new act starts.

So yes, this part was difficult. But I’m still glad it’s in there, otherwise, my book would of been printed and come out looking like pure crap.

It’s also a bit frustrating that every time you resubmit the manuscript, you have to resubmit the cover as well.

So, after many many times (Ugg) I finally got everything to look how I wanted it. I reviewed it twice and submitted the files.

From here, you submit and then it becomes a waiting game. Someone else looks at your files to make sure everything is good (aka, when the bind the book, everything is still looks good) and the cover is sound. They say it takes up to 24 hours for someone to review, but for me, it took about ten hours. However,if you do this, don’t count on ten.

After this, I then picked where the book can sold (amazon and on their website) and set the price.  When printed, the book is 295 pages long, so I set the price at 13.99 $ (American dollars). It also calculated a euro price for me (I think it was 6.3… but I can’t be sure. I don’t know Euros, so I let it set that for me.)

Once  this is all good, you can request a proof. It’s where they send an advanced copy before they finish the title and put it up for sale.

While I won’t tell you what to what, I’d highly recommend getting a proof. Mine got here a few days ago and I’m extremely glad. Besides finding a few more errors that escaped me on the screen, I also saw another problem.

Long blocks of text.

This is something I personally never do, especially on my blog. Long blocks of texts are hard for the eye to take it and white space gives it a break. Look back over this post,my longest paragraphs are four lines.

While mine are not always short, something that’s say.. ten to twelve lines? It’s rough on the eye. So when I go in to do a one last round of editing, (also waiting for mark’s widow to finish her last read) there’s a few points in his story where this needs to be fixed.

Other then that, the formatting looks really good in his novel. All the acts started where I wanted them to. Just a few more minor changes and we are good to go.

Hopefully next time I post (today is Monday, will prob be close to Friday). It will be to say his book is out and the world and to please go but it.

Stay tuned! We’re almost there!




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