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Many thanks

I promise I won’t do this a ton, but I just wanted to say thanks.

The first month of this blog, I have almost no readers.For a long time, it was just Mark who was commenting and liking my stuff. Seriously, it took like three weeks and ten posts for me to get a second viewer.

Well, he’s gone now and to tell the truth, I was worried no one else would comment and everything would just die without him. But it hasn’t!

I just hit 50 followers, 200 likes and have over one thousand views (Heading toward 1500) and while I can’t say each post is doing wonderful, I am getting traffic. So thanks! I appreciate it all.

Also, I don’t know who you are, but I have a viewer (Maybe more then one) from the UK and a viewer from India who are really loyal. Sometimes you guys are the only ones viewing the posts and boy does it make me happy. So here’s a shout out to you!

Extra big hugs and thank you to you guys!

Thanks for reading and following my blog. It means a lot.





Hi, I'm Ames! Welcome to my blog. About me Female Favorite foods: Apples, fried chicken and grilled cheese sandwiches. Hobbies: Traveling, reading, learning languages, writing and cooking. Favorite TV show: Big Bang theory. Hopes for this blog: People I don't personally know read my blog.

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