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Why I’m not embarrassed to say I read YA.

I’ll say it again for anyone in the back. I am not embarrassed or ashamed to say I read and enjoy YA, young adult. All YA? No, but a good chunk of it.

Early this week, I was browsing around the Internets when I found this article.

To sum it up, it pretty much says (in nicer terms) if you are over the age of eighteen, you are too old to read YA and you should be ashamed of yourself. This is for children, now go to the bar and drink like the adult you are!!!

I really wanted to talk about this, since I happen to be the audience this person was addressing.

First, YA is directed toward teenagers, not children. There’s a huge difference. If these were books made for kids age four to eight and were being devoured by adults, then yes. I would agree with with this article more. I do my best never to shame someone for something they like, but if your super interested in reading books about learning to count or share… Ehhh….Yeah.

These are for teens.

Second, and this really applies to a lot more outside YA. If you ever feel the need to shame someone about the things they like, you need to stop and reevaluate your life. I saw this a lot when Pokemon Go first came out and it really pissed me off. People who were like you’re so stupid and immature for playing that game. I don’t play cuz I’m an adult and have a real job.

If you have nothing better to do then to put people down for enjoying something which does no harm to others, then you need to to do some serious soul searching. Because that makes you an asshole. Period.

I personally don’t care for sports or football (yes, I know). It just doesn’t interest me. But there’s literally millions of people who love it. Congrats, I’m gonna to go do something else while you guys watch the game.

Don’t attack someone just because they like something. Don’t be that person.

Third, I can’t tell you how many people I meet who tell me they haven’t touched a book in years. YEARS! I can’t believe that! I probably read about thirty minutes to an hour every night before bed. It helps me relax. But sadly, there’s those who think reading is a waste of time and don’t do it unless they have to. It’s sad, but true.

If more people are reading because of YA, then honestly, is it a bad thing?

Four, yes, I love and read YA. But I also a read a lot more then it. The current list of books I’m reading/read in the last month that are not YA.

Storm of Swords- George RR Martin

The Girl On The Train-Paula Hawkins

Go Set a Watchmen-Lee Harper

Summer Sisters-Judy Bloom

In the Unlikely Event-Judy Bloom.

All adult fiction. While I enjoy reading about teenagers, I’ve never once wanted to go back to being fifteen. Or even met anyone like that. All the adults I know who read YA are perfectly happy, working, productive members of society.

Finally, YA is just so much fun. I feel like they explore ideas and concepts and worlds that aren’t always used in adult fiction. The one word I’d use for it, is free. It really is free.

So go ahead and pick some some young adult fiction. Ignore the naysayers and get on with reading. My personal guilty pleasure? I love re-reading The Harry Potter Series.

Anything to add?





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