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The Girl on The Train.

The Girl on the Train.

For months, I heard about how great this book was. From many many different people, all saying you must read this book.

A lot of them compared it to Gone Girl, which is one of my favorite books of all times. After the second time I heard it was like Gone Girl, I was eager to take a look.

So I picked it up. And even though I liked it, I was disappointed.

Lets get into it.

Our main character is Rachel, a recently divorced woman who  lost her job and is falling into alcoholism. She doesn’t want her roommate to know, so she rides the train to and from London everyday to hide it. On the train ride, she goes by a house where a lovely couple lives. In her mind, she names them Jess and Jason. These two are perfect and it’s one of the few things Rachel enjoy seeing as  her life falls apart.

Until one day, as the train passes, she see’s (minor spoilers) Jess kiss another man and then the next day Jess is missing.

From this, Rachel feels compelled to go to the police and gets dragged into a messy investigation full of secrets.

Let’s start with what I liked about this book.

First of all, I really liked Rachel. She’s so different from other protagonist! Usually the female drop dead gorgeous and on top of her game. Not Rachel, she’s drunk all the time, had lost her job and is recently divorced. It’s really nice to see someone who isn’t perfect all the time as the leading lady. I thought this was a bold and nice choice.

Most of the side characters are pretty good and once the plot finally gets going, I got pretty into it.

The writing style is also very nice. While it’s not the best I’ve ever seen, it’s pretty good. This lady knows how to write.

Alright, here’s what I didn’t like about the book.

For being compared to Gone Girl, I had extremely high expectations. With good reason, Gone Girl is freaking amazing. If you’re going to compare to it, you better be able to deliver.

And sadly, while I think TGOTT is good, I don’t think it’s on the same level as GG. And that’s where I think this fell. I came expecting an eleven and was disappointed because I got an eight.

For starters, her writing style isn’t as good as Mrs Flynn used in GG (They said it was the next one, so I’m comparing it.) In GG, the writing is sharp, smart and witty. Here, it’s gets long and winded. Sometimes to the point I have no clue what’s going on anymore.

There’s scenes where Rachel is brown out close to black out drunk and everything in honestly a mess. These scenes I’d have to reread to try and figure out what the frick is going on. Also, as the novel progresses, she realizes she learned something while she was super drunk and needs to remember exactly what.

Umm, I don’t think it works this way. If you’re so drunk you black out, those memories are gone. I’ve never been black out drunk (she says as she sips a Pina Colada) but I’m pretty sure these memories don’t just come back over time.

Also, the story is told from three POVS. Rachel’s, Anna (Rachel’s ex-husband’s new wife) and Megan (real life name of Jess.) I liked Rachel, Anna was okay and couldn’t care less about Megan. Nothing about her stood out to me or made her memorable.

Finally, the twists at the end. I won’t reveal them, but I will say this. The first one I didn’t see coming, but I wasn’t surprised either. I literally was like Oh… that makes sense. It just… wasn’t shocking?

The second one, the scene was so confusing, I didn’t even understand it until days later. I saw something online, went back, reread it and was like.. Ooooh…


I honestly think I would have enjoyed this book better if everyone hadn’t been calling it the next Gone Girl. I enjoyed it sure, but it just didn’t measure up. Completely understand why they did, both are similar in tone and themes, but Gone Girl is just a cut above.

What do you think if you read it? On point? Or am I too harsh? Let me know =)





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4 thoughts on “The Girl on The Train.

  1. I bought the book on impulse because I had heard so much about it. To me, the book is a “holiday” read, when you relax by the pool on a summer afternoon, but not the supposedly great best seller. It still isn’t clear to me who reveals Megan’s past to the press; her boyfriend Mac is dead and apparently nobody else knows except for her therapist. Was it him? Why would he have done it? I should maybe go back and reread part of the book but I don’t really like books which leave a feeling of uncertainty.

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