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Halfway Update.

So last week, I saw a challenge to write one page a day, everyday this month.

And even though I was starting a few days late, I went for it.

I’m going to be honest, it’s rough. I know famous authors like Stephen King have said he write’s two thousand words a day, 365 days a year, Without fail.

Now while I know this is too much for me (Day job gets in the way. He has it easier since he’s a full time write.) For me, I’ve never been able to write each and every single day. I usually write four-five days a week. And not Mon-Fri schedule either. It’s more like I’ve written the past three nights, I’m tired tonight and need a break.

So this has been a bit challenging for me. But I’ve struck through it so far and have kept up gloriously.

In the beginning, I had to write two pages a day to catch up, but very worth it. Motivation has been hard to come by sometimes and for me, the only way to motive myself is by setting my own goals.

So halfway done and only two weeks left to go.

Also, some other updates.

Book one: I have finished line by line editing. A beta reader is doing one last quick read through for me, but then. I’m going to be done with that baby. (For now at least.)

Book two: I’ve started a line by line edit on it. Just finished working on chapter four before writing this blog entry.

Book three: Still plot editing,  there’s one big plot change I need to make in the middle of the book. Most of the smaller scenes I wanted to rewrite or add in have been made.

Book four: The one I’m currently writing, we’re at 35,000 words. At the rate I’m writing, I believe I will be done with the rough draft sometime around October.

Books Five and Six are currently churning away in my brain. One of them is rather desperate to be written and it’s all I can do to stay focused on my 4th. I usually take a bit of time off between finishing a rough draft and starting a new one. But then I’ll be on my way to the next one.

So yes, writing wise, things are going well. Hope everyone else is having a lovely week.




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