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Small sentences Vs Big sentences.

Imagine if you will, a boxing ring and two opponents.

They are, short sentences and long. Put the two of them in a ring, ding the bell and let them duke it out until there’s only one winner! Two go in, only ones comes out.

Who is it going to be?

Kidding, Mostly. That would be fun though.

A few days ago, I was having a chat with a beta reader. And it was about small sentences in my novel.

As she put it, she thinks there are several places where I could take some of the smaller sentences and blend or add them to the longer ones.

Now to calarify, these are not super short sentences. I don’t think I have any extremely tiny ones in there like, “She sat down.” Most of these, I would categorize them as right on the line between short and medium

Aka, “She sighed and sat down.”

Now, I do agree with this. When I was editing Mark’s book, I found this a lot. (My personal favorite was when a cop was startled awake. It originally was “She jumped out of Bed. She was Nude. She grabbed her gun. I shortened it to, “She jumped out of bed nude and grabbed her gun.”)

It flows a lot nicer.

However, I don’t think all short sentences should go. If every sentence in books are long, then… it just sets a certain tone, I guess. I personally think a mix of long, short and medium is best.

What’s your opinion?




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