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Training the Muse.

Ah, the muse. We all have one. It’s the little person (male or female) who lives inside our minds and helps us pump out ideas. Be this for writing books, or songs, or even painting.

The muse of the arts~

There’s only one problem. The muse is very troublesome and picky. She (I’m saying she because my muse is female, but you might have a male muse) doesn’t always want to write. Cuz I mean, come on. It’s way more fun to goof off online or stare out of the window instead of sitting down to get to work.

I will say this for the muse, once you get her started, it can hard to get her to turn off. It’s just that startup which can be rather difficult.

So here’s how I deal with my muse and work toward getting the most out of her.

First, I found out what time of day is best for working conditions. I am not a morning person and I still have a day job, so morning/day writing isn’t much of an option. Even on my days off, I still prefer taking some time to myself.

My prime time is at night, right before I go to bed. And here’s why this time works so well for me.

During the day, while I go about working and life, I send a lot of time mulling over certain plot points. Some of my best brainstorming sessions has been during this time.

Next, if I do it later in the day, that means I’ve allowed myself some time online, watching silly videos on youtube and such. I’ve found it much harder to work if I haven’t allowed myself some free time to relax.

Finally, I set a goal for myself. I’ve talked about this before, and each writing session goal is 1000 words. If I’m on a roll, I might keep going. If not, then once I hit that magic number, I pack it up.

All of this is important, because the dang muse is a free spirit and if left to her own devices, would only write when she feels like it (which is every now and then.) If I wrote on her schedule, I’d get a book out every five or six years. If that, she likes to start projects and not end them.

Right now, I’m having difficulties getting her to finish the book I’m currently on. She wants to let it go and head onto the next one. But I get the feeling if I let her do this once, how will I know she won’t do it again?

This is why you have to train your muse.

Let them know, you’re showing up, you’re sitting down and you’re writing until the goal has been meet.

Even if everything turns out garbage. Even if later you look back at it and cry because you think those pages were just random spewing of words. Even if you hate it all.

This is okay, because we can always go back and fix bad writing later. First, you just have to have writing there.

And let me tell you, after a while, the muse will start responding. She’ll learn what’s going on. And before you know it, you’re writing on your schedule, not hers.

Have a great week everyone!

One more thing: Someone asked me a question a few days ago and I didn’t have a way to answer them, so I’ll answer it here. (I really hope they don’t think I’m ignoring them.)

I do not have anything published or any of my writing for sale, sadly. However, I am working on it and hope to be on the way to being a published author soon. There’s going to be an upcoming post about my query letter. Yay!

I did edit and publish a book for a deceased friend and beta reader of mine, but I didn’t write it. I don’t own it, doesn’t belong to me. I only did the work as a tribute to his life and writing.





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