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Why so angry?

Okay, I’ll will admit. Several of my book reviews (and some more coming) are a bit angry and have rants and are not always super positive.

I’m okay with this.

It doesn’t mean I hate books, nor does it mean I hate the books I was reading. (The books I truly hate, I won’t read, or finish. And I only review books that I’ve finished.)

For the record, I love reading! I love that feeling where I pick up a book and get swept away into a far off world. Has anyone else ever started reading and gotten so into it, you forget where you are and that you’re reading?

That’s probably my favorite thing ever.

So why are so many of my book reviews angry and not so positive?

The simple answer is because I’m sick of books where it feels like the same ideas and events happen over and over and over. Because I don’t want to read the same story with different characters and setting, I want each one to be new and exciting!

Besides, doing the same thing day in and day out is lazy. Come on people, there’s so much to work with.

We don’t need any more love triangles, they’ve been done to death.

We don’t need any more orphan’s who find out they have an  amazing talent and then go on a quest to realize they are the lost heir to the throne.

And we especially don’t need any more special snowflakes. Don’t make your characters extremely beautiful, don’t give them an incredibly special one-of-a-kind ability.

Do your research before you write your book and take a mary-sue test. If you can find several times where this has been done and it doesn’t pass the test, then it’s time to rework your story and character.

Or I will rant about it on my blog.

I also write these reviews because I am honest. I’m not going to sugar coat it or hold back. I usually do try and say something positive. I do believe none of the books I review are terrible. They usually do have something good that kept my attention. That’s why I finished them.

Anyway, what do I like seeing? I like when a perfectly normal person is thrown into crazy situation. Not a special person, but someone who has no idea what’s going on, that has to rise up, overcome and become the hero.

Not the person who was destined be the ancient prophecy. Because that is just boring.

Make sense? Have a good day =)




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