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Combating Writer’s block.

Hello friends!

I havn’t been posting these last few days as I have been a bit busy, with work and such. One of my beta’s also finished reading a complete draft for me and gave some really good feedback. So I’ve been working on addressing some of her comments.

The other reason I havn’t been on is I had some family come to visit me and we took a visit down to Key West (I live in Florida.) I’m really excited because while I was there, I went to the Ernest Hemingway house. It was nothing short of incredible. I’ll be doing a post both here and my travel blog about that soon.

But first, I wanted to talk about something I’ve been dealing with for the past few months. And I know I’m not the only writer who does.

Allow me to set the scene.

I do all my writing in the evening, so I come home from work, get some dinner and then sit down at the keyboard to type. The characters have been buzzing in my head all day. All I really need is about forty-five minutes to an hour to meet my daily writing quota.

Except nothing happens. I sit in front of the screen and just stare. I can’t think of anything, no words are coming to mind.

And then Youtube starts calling. It’s okay if you don’t write tonight. You have plenty of time and it’s not like you’re on a real schedule anyway. No one will know if you just watch Game of Thrones videos!

It’s Writer’s block. Or as I’ve been known to call it, when the imaginary people in your head refuse to talk to you.

What jerks.

So what’s an person to do? I have several ways of dealing with it.

First (and this really works for me) is I go out and jump on a treadmill before I do my writing. If none available, then I go for a long walk. I then put on music that reminds me of the story (Or characters) I need to be working on and see where it takes me.

For the past few months, I’ve been sweating and wrestling with the current book I’m working on. Things have been slow, plot holes are everywhere and writing really feels like pulling teeth sometimes. So last week, when nothing was coming, I went and got on a treadmill for almost an hour and a half.

Besides getting some wonderful health benefits, I also unraveled a massive knot in my plot. One that finally, finally came undone and allowed me to continue in the story.

I won’t lie, I was extremely pleased.

The next thing I’ve been known to do for writer’s block is just let my mind wander and imagine what won’t happen.

A massive dragon won’t fly overhead and roast them all.

A gang of assassins won’t show up.

Someone won’t find a magic ring.

On and on and on. When I do this, I let myself be free and I think of all the craziest ideas I can. This oddly, gets my mind out of the box and usually, an idea or two will show up that I like. The trick is to really go nuts with it.

Finally, if Writer’s block is an extremely, massive problem, you’re going round and round and nothing comes, maybe you need to rethink your story.

An example, a while ago, I was writing and a massive event happens to several characters. It was huge and insane and omg.

But then I hit a wall right after. I had no idea what would happen next and everyone was dead silent on it. No matter what I did, nothing.

It was extremely frustrating.

It took a really long time for me to figure out why; the reason I kept hitting a wall was because several characters in the scene didn’t belong there. They were halting the story and holding everyone back. When I took them out of the scene, suddenly it took off like horse. My writer’s block was gone!

So if you’re having serious problems, maybe the problem isn’t your imagination, maybe there’s a plot error that needs to be resolved first.

So that’s how I deal with writer’s block. Maybe someone has another way they’d like to share? I’d love to hear it. Leave me a comment and have a wonderful day.







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