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Here we go again.

Wow, it’s been quite a week. Work and then I managed to twist my ankle. Thankfully, it’s not real bad, but still been sore. (It would of been really bad if I had hurt my hands so I couldn’t type.)

So, I’m starting to think a lot of my new blog posts are going to be based off conversations I have with my beta.

Because sometimes I agree with what they say and sometimes, I’m more like… No. But to be safe, I want to get a few other writer’s opinion.

So here we go.

In the scene, there’s two male characters (we’ll call them Joe and Bill). This is how the sentence goes.

“Joe stepped into the room carefully. “Bill,” He greeted with narrowed eyes.”

As the beta responded to this,  The basic rule with pronouns is: They describe the last proper noun. The way this sentence is put together, Bill is saying his own name. I think you mean Joe is saying it.

I personally don’t think so, as I establish in the first sentence that Joe is the speaker. And very rarely do people just say their own name just because.

Anyway, I’m always just curious to hear what other people think.  Does it make sense that Joe is the speaker here? I Mostly want to know because I like a third opinion in life and I think it works out way better that.




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2 thoughts on “Here we go again.

  1. Personally, I can tell who it is that is talking. Generally, paragraphs have a character that they follow, and you established that this character is Joe. Bill was also introduced in quotes, so it’s less prominent. I think that’s just fine.
    Personally, I also wouldn’t use “greeted” as a dialogue tag most of the time. That’s just me personally.

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