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The plot bunnies that just won’t stop

Oh man, I haven’t posted for almost three weeks. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been really busy. This is partly true, as I did finish another manuscript last week (woot!) But I’ve also just been a bit lazy.


I’ll tell the truth, if I walked past you down the street, I probably wouldn’t even notice you.

(Unless of course you were doing something crazy. But then, only maybe) Mostly because I’m the kind of person who’s always lost in thought and as others say, have my head off in the clouds a lot.

It’s mostly because I have several books worth of characters (and sometimes characters who aren’t even mine) up in my head and demanding my attention. From the minute I wake up until I moment I go back to sleep. They are the plot bunnies and the characters who just won’t shut up.

Sometimes I think the only way I can get them to stop is to just sit down and write it all out. Seems to be the only way that really works.

Otherwise, everyone upstairs just sits up there and yaps until I’m half insane. ^^

As I’ve heard before, writing is only paid insanity. It sure seems that way sometimes. We are all just paid to listen to voices and then write them out. The characters do feel very real sometimes.

I really do hope I’m not the only person who has this problem of plot bunnies that just won’t go away. For me, sometimes I have ideas that go on for years and years before I can get rid of them.

On another note, this last week was a one year mark for me. I’m very happy and pleased. Very much looking forward to the next year and many more to come.

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2 thoughts on “The plot bunnies that just won’t stop

  1. Oh no, you’re not alone. I count on my plot bunnies to help me decide what to write next. I also find it’s helpful to just write out some plot bunnies and characters when it’s not their turn yet. Of course, that’s what I did when I started my current project, 6 years ago…

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    1. That is good advice. It can take a long time for a plot bunny to turn into a story idea. I’ve had an idea about being trapped at sea for a long time, but no characters for that story have made themselves known yet.

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