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Book Review: I hunt Killers

I hunt killers By Barry Lyga. Without a doubt, this is one of my personal favorite YA books.

I hunt killers is the story of Jasper Dent, a 17 year old who grew up the only son of the world’s most famous serial killer. Everyday was a lesson on how to kill, manipulate, torture and blend in. When he was 13 year old, his father was caught and thrown into jail. Now, four years later, dead bodies have started showing up again and everything is looking toward Jazz. And Jazz is desperate to prove that he isn’t turning into his father 2.0

This is such a great story because it has such a great main character. Jazz is locked into a constant war with himself in desperately trying not to become his father and overcome his dad’s terrible brainwashing. He has a legitimate fear that he will someday snap and kill someone, without even meaning to. Even worse, everyone around him is half expecting that as well.

That’s pretty terrifying.

The second part of what makes this book so good is the writing. Now I’m not going to rave and say this guy is the best writer of the 21st century, but this writing feels real. It feels exactly like a teenage boy would sound. He doesn’t sound seem too old or do anything odd like an adult would sometimes do. He’s still kid.

And the plot is great. Jazz feels like he needs to give back and help out because of his father, so when the dead bodies start coming, he does his best to help the police out. There are a few parts that it feels a bit forced that the police would share certain info and details with a 17 year old kid, but it’s still a good story. It quickly becomes a thrilling race to figure out the pattern before the next person is killed.

If I did have a gripe (a minor one) it would be that Jazz is a bit too… much at time. he’s a bit too smart, a bit too good of a liar and a bit too good at manipulation. It seems practically everyone falls under his charms when he wants something. I do feels like it’s a bit much at times, but it never annoyed me enough that I put the book down.

And the ending is great. Yes, it sets up the next book (Game) which sets up the next book (Blood of my blood) But both are great and make for a lovely trilogy.  While Jazz has a girlfriend, there’s hardly any romantic plot in this at all.

And for someone who really hates it when the main characters puts important stuff on hold to figure out if their S.O wants to make out or cuddle or something, I really really appreciate that.

Highly recommend. This book is a bloody and gory in parts. It’s about serial killers and there are a lot of deaths. (It makes you a bit worried about the author’s mind) But over all, a great read.




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