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Book Review: Midnight Thief

Book review of Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburn. This is YA fantasy.

The book starts out with a girl named Kyra. She’s a thief, scraping by to get enough money to stay afloat. We learn she’s quiet, a good climber and very small and fast. Her friends include her older male friend, Flick. Bella, a woman who runs a tavern who likes to mother her and Flick. And finally, Two little street girls Kyra tries to help from time to time.

The book starts out when a man named James comes asking for her by name, to steal a ruby from the main palace. She tries her best, but finds no ruby. James pays her anyway and then shows up a few days later to chat. There was no ruby, it was a test of her skills. He’s a member of an assassin’s guild and wants her to join.

At first, she doesn’t want to, but she needs the money, so she does. She says she doesn’t want to kill anyone, and they agree, but overtime attempt to wear her down. A first, their gang is a robin hood type group, but then start to get darker.

Not long after, we meet another character. Tristam, who’s a knight (with a weird name) for the city and palace. He’s out riding one day when an attack happens. Apparently, there’s groups of people with large cats (called demon cats) who live in the forest outside the city. Tristam and his friend get involved with dealing with raids from them. We also see the other side of Kyra’s raids and such on the palace from his point of view.

As one can guess, the two are bound to meet.

I heard about this book and heard two things that interested me. One, there’s little romance. I am not someone who enjoys romance. Mostly because I think it makes for a boring story and I get annoyed when characters stop the interesting plot to kiss, cuddling and or have sex. The fact that I heard light romance, I was interested.

The second was the assassin’s guild. That got me right away.

(Some mild spoilers, but I won’t give away the ending or the big spoiler)

The characters are  good in this. I especially like Flick, as he’s pretty funny. Kyra is good as a protagonist and Tristam is okay. He was kinda bland, but I didn’t hate him.

I was almsot pleased that Flick and Kyra didn’t fall in love. I was completely expecting it, cuz it happens so much. But no, the author did well and kept their as more adopted siblings. Which made sense, when you’ve known someone for so long as a more “siblings”, it doesn’t make sure sense that they’re suddenly in loooooove. So I was really pleased that she didn’t fall into that trap.
What the novel really lacked though, was world building. This is a fantasy, that’s imperative! But we don’t get any story about Forge, or any other cities. As a curse, Kyra swears “three cities!” but we don’t know what that means or what cities. We also don’t get too much about the demon cats. They just came over the mountain to live in the forest… This kinda hurt the novel, I wanted more. More history, more world building.
The second that irked me was Kyra and her loyalty.  She has none.

(mild spoilers)

Kyra gets caught on a mission into the palace for the assassin’s guild and immediately turns on them. Later, she goes against the palace. Later, she ends up with the demon cats and their riders, who save her life and she turns on them when they threaten Tristam.

The first time, it was whatever, because she hadn’t been with the guild very long. But by the time it gets to the third, I was annoyed. Not enough that I hated her, but enough that it frustrated me. I really wish someone had pointed that out to the author. Yes, it made for tension in the novel, but come on.

The last thing was the light romance between Kyra and Tristam. I didn’t buy it, because they had no chemistry. Absolutely none. It felt forced to me. I didn’t think they hated each other, but I didn’t understand why they suddenly liked the other.

I will say the big reveal is a touch predictable, but okay. I’ve seen worse.
Over all, it was an okay story, especially for a debut novel. I even read the sequel, Daughter at Dusk, which was all kinds of confusing. I honestly had no idea what the plot was at certain spots.

In short, 6/10. I wouldn’t really recommend this, unless it sounds really interesting to you. If so, go for it.
Not a bad book, but not a good one either.


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