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What makes good writing?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. What makes good writing? Is it the style the author uses? The words themselves?

Maybe way the author plays with the words, so they roll back and forth in your mind, dancing and leaping until they explode off the page? Is it more simple terms? Shorter sentences, lighter words. Gentle and quick, soft and dainty?

Or when bright terms shine like stars, break across the sky and force their way into place. When leaves fall, jewels glow and shatter, eyes narrow and knuckle under in the agony of life?

Okay, I was getting carried away with those sentence, but you get the point. What makes good writing?

It’s probably one of the hardest things to do. Everyone says, make sure your writing is well done. Don’t write bad, write well!  Make sure everyone loves your writing. But then, they never tell you exactly what good writing actually is.

It’s almost as if you’re expected to go out and figured this out for yourself.

So I’m trying to suss out the truth. What does good writing mean to you? Is it bold sentences with sharp words? Or when the scene is set so vividly, you feel like you’re there living it?

My thought is with any other skill, you must work and work and work at it. No one wakes us knowing how to play the piano, you must practice and practice. The same with writing. Go out and try it, then have people rip it to shreds and have them say what they like the best. Then, someday, you’ll find some small but good jems in your pieces. After you find them, keep writing like that.

Let me know, I’m curious to hear your thoughts.




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