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Review: The Faithful Kiss

The Faithful Kiss by Michelle C. Hillstrom.

Katelynn Wilder is a regular college freshman, starting over in a different state in Louisiana. She’s ready for a fresh start; all her life, she’s had nightmares about a red-haired devil woman for a long time and her family has an urban legend that goes back several generations.

On the first day, she gets settled in and to her delight, she meets her roommate’s older brother, Wesley and thinks he’s really hot. However, not long after, she is attacked, and she realized that her life might not be normal, her dreams might mean something and that her new friends are way more then they say they are.

What I like about this book

These books are romance, which aren’t really my thing, but I still enjoyed then all the same. They can be a bit cheesy in spots. It does become clear (at least to me it did) who the villain is pretty early and that’s not much of a mystery. Her writing style is clean and engaging, with some lovely passages. I got lost in some of her prose.

There’s a lot of lore in this book. I don’t want to give too much away, but there is a mythical element and really like what the author does here. I do feel like she takes it and gives it her own fresh spin. At no point did I sigh and feel like I was reading the same old-same old thing.

What I don’t like

I shall be honest: it’s romance. As many know, this isn’t my favorite genre. It’s a bit cheesy and a touch cliche in spots. But not too bad. Nothing like love at first glance. Katelynn does have a life, a job and friends outside Wesley, which I was very glad of.

The only other thing was sometimes the characters don’t see things that are pretty freaking obvious. Like this angry woman hangs around the guy she like and glares at her a lot. A few days later, she get text messages from a random person telling  her stay away from him. I wonder who they could be from. But that’s pretty much it.

Over all, I enjoyed this book. Short, sweet and to the point. Lot of fluff, but was well written and good characters. What more could you ask for?






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