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Review: The Kiss of Betrayal

The  Kiss of Betrayal by Michelle C. Hillstrom.

Quick note, this is the third book in the series. As it should be known, I can’t talk about this book without revealing minor spoilers from the first two. Obviously, nothing big will be said. But a spoiler warning in the review.

Spoiler warning.

Now, that’s out of the way.

The first two books are about the good guys, but this one is all about the villain,  Elisabet and everything from her point of view. It goes way back, hundreds of years and explains how she became the person she became. More interesting is how she never set out to become a villain, but more the darkness found her. Her story takes over over several centuries and several countries.

What I liked about this book,

The man character, Elisabet. She doesn’t set out to be a villain or take over the world or anything. In her mind, she’s a hero, but things did not go the way it planned. We see her fail and grow and change. She’s a human being and those are the best kind of villains. Not the guys who are LOLEVIL LETS RULE THE WORLDZ, but the ones that seems like it could happen to you or me.

And then, this might be a bit weird, but I really liked the side characters in this book. There’s several characters that have very small roles to play, but are extremely interesting. All felt like real people that I wanted to get to know. Armature novelist sometimes make the mistake of not having enough small roles that fill out a world and give it meaning, but the author does that have that issue at all.

Finally, I read all three of her books almost back-to-back and man, I can really see how she’s improved as an author. By this point, she has learned her own style, what works for her and what doesn’t work. Things are polished and just in general, feels like real growth is being showed. I liked that a lot.

What I didn’t like about this book,

I had a few more qualms about this book then the two before it. Nothing massive or anything, but there were a few points here and there.

The first is, the first 225 pages (which is a bit more then half the book) takes place in the 1400’s-1500’s. Without giving too much away, lots of stuff happens to Elisabet. She’s betrayed, she becomes stronger and smarter. Things are going really well, but then it skips a few hundred years to catch up to the 1860’s in Louisiana. I think I would of liked it more if these events tied into how she came to America and met the people she knows then. I understood the author prob didn’t want to make this book 700+ pages, but it was clear she got money and met people during that time jump. How did that happen? I wanted more.

The second thing is how Elisabet met Wesley (This is a spoiler). She met him, found out he already have a love interest and that sent her crazy with rage that caused her to kill that woman, attempt to get Wesley as her own and then spend another 130 years trying to kill her every time that woman was reborn??

That seemed a tad…. over the top. I know she was a villain and everything, but dang woman. The motivation didn’t seem strong enough for over one hundred years of messing with these two. I feel like that was a bit of a week spot, especially for a guy she just met. It would of worked way better of Thomas and Victoria (Or their families) had betrayed her in someway or something, or she had a deeper connection.

Last thing, is both this book and the previous book has gone back to explain backstory. It’s good, but I’m ready for these books to start moving forward, not continue backwards. It’s very different from other books in how it does that and it’s both interesting, but I do want more in the present day by now.

In short, go give all of these book’s a read. Even though romance isn’t really my thing, I still enjoyed these books a lot. There’s more to the story and it’s good stuff.  The characters and situations are pretty good.

I wouldn’t normally do this, but it’s not a normal day, I personally know this author and she’s a friend of mine. I met her in 2016 and she is one of the kindest persons I’ve ever met . Michelle is a self published author and needs the support. They’re all available on amazon. She’s a good author and just a lovely person. If you want to know more about her, her books, or what she’s up to, you can find her here on wordpress.

Overall, I give this book a 7.5/10.

Thanks for reading guys!





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