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Book review: Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.

Since the last book I read, I didn’t enjoy very much, I decided my next review would be one that I really loved. Have to balance things out.

I was not planning on reading this book. But I’ve been hearing about it (along with hearing Hulu is making a TV show based on it) and then the owner of the book store that I love recommended it. So, I gave it a read.

(Note, this is a difficult one to describe because there’s a lot happening and it’s a bit of an unconventional plot).

The Richardson’s live in Shaker heights, Ohio in the 1990’s with their four high-school aged children, Lexie, Trip, Moody and Izzy. While their youngest daughter is a strange girl who acts out a lot, they are a normal, higher middle-class family. Things change when a single mom, Mia, moves to town with her teenage daughter, Pearl. They are very different, as Mia is a wanderer and free spirit. As their kids become friends, a court case splits the town, forcing people to choose sides. Things escalate from here.

Now, honestly, this does not sound like a very good book. When I picked up the book and read the book jacket, I had my doubts.

But holy crap, I loved this book.

First, there’s a massive theme of mothers and daughters here, which I love. Without giving too much away, I enjoyed this aspect as it was given a lot of focus. Mothers and daughter who like each other, dislike each other. Several of the moms in this book have dark secrets, giving the book a real depth.

Which leads to the characters. All of them here are amazing. They all felt like real people. Sometimes when reading, it doesn’t feel like these characters are people, as if they life only started at the beginning of the book. Not here, even minor characters have depth and background. All were very well written.

Another bit I liked was, I’m not really into romance and I felt like there wasn’t much of that in here. A bit here and there, but not the main plot. This is a good mark, in my book.

Finally, the writing is superb. After reading, I looked up information about the author and saw that she has a master degree in English and it shows.  The writing is masterful, several times I found myself wishing I could write like that. It’s beautiful, well done and just icing on the cake.

Over all, an amazing, well written story. I saw that this was her second book, so I’ve already gotten her first one and at the time of writing this, I’m about halfway done. If Mrs. Ng publishes anything else, I will be there without question to read it.

To be honest, I can’t think of a single negative thing to say about this book. I thought about it for several minutes and nothing came to mind. I’m sure maybe someone else might come up with something, but I loved it. I highly recommend reading this book. So much that I loaded my copy to someone at work and am letting another person read it when the first person is done.


What are you thoughts? Have you read it?




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