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Review: What Alice Forgot

What Alice forgot by Liane Moriarty.

So, after I read Big Little Lies (and loved it) I decided to go back and read some of her earlier books. While none so far have been as good as BLL, I still enjoyed reading them.

Alice starts the story on the floor on a gym, with a head injury. After she’s rushed to the hospital, she’s told she’s 39 years old, is getting divorced and has 3 children. The only thing is she doesn’t remember anything from the last ten years. She thinks she’s 29, only remembers being pregnant with her first and is madly in love with her husband.

Okay, the premise is not that unique. It’s been done before, but with an experienced author, it actually works pretty well. The character of Alice is interesting, because she legit has no idea why she hates her husband and what’s going on in her life. As one would expect, she’s met all kinds of people in the last decade and things aren’t going the way she thought they might.

It also starts to be implied that the person she turned into isn’t someone she wants to be.

I liked the characters and the plot. There’s nothing spectacular here, but it isn’t lackluster either. There wasn’t any massive issues I had with the book either, it was just a bit predictable and I’ve seen this done before. But the writing and character development was so good, I couldn’t help but stick around.

Overall it’s a good book, a fun read. I would recommend this book. it’s not a tense or suspenseful book, but just one that I enjoyed reading and thought was enjoyable . I probably wouldn’t re-read this book, but that’s okay.

7/10 stars.

What do you think, have you read it?




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