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Random thoughts.

Vague title is vague.

This post really doesn’t have any point, it’s more just me regurgitating thoughts about writing and what I personally want to see more of in novels. Have I done this before? Maybe, I don’t remember.


I’ve mentioned this before, but I personally don’t like romance stories. Mostly because, they’re boring and predictable. And this is not what I want in the media I consume. It’s okay when it’s a background plot, but usually, the main plot will take a backseat to a will-they-won’t-they. And this is boring because there’s only two ways it can go, either they get together, or they don’t. And most of the time, you can tell which way the book is going.

I can’t say I hate all romance because I have seen a few select that I actually do enjoy. A long time ago (almost a decade now) I read a book that involved the enemies to friends to lovers plot that took place in the 1840’s. One in which the couple married early in the book (an arranged marriage) and absolutely hated each other. The girl ran away a total of four times, only to be dragged back by her husband because he’s sticking to this miserable thing. I found it interesting because they didn’t actually become lovers until the very end of the novel. They were friends for the 2nd act of the book, when she ran away a 4th time and that time, he let her go. She then lived by herself for three years where she realized she did love him, went back in the last chapter and they lived happily ever after.

I also recently read a short story where two incredibly snarky people kinda hate each other have a short, train-wreck of a relationship that involved a lot of fighting, hate sex, breaking up and then getting back together only to be repeated a few days later. It wasn’t until friends of both parties were like, whoa, this is a really bad idea, staged an intervention, massive blowout fight before the unhappy couple realized they really brought out the worst in each other and split.

Both of these felt different to me and was probably why I enjoyed reading them.

But personally, the relationships that I enjoy reading about is, is sibling relationships. Not in an incest way (ew) but just how siblings relate to each other. There’s so much ground that can be covered. Siblings can love each other, hate each other, be estranged, have never met, have been separated and reunite. It’s so different from a romantic relationship because you can’t choose your family and can completely never get rid of them.

Sure, you can cut them out of your life and refuse to talk to your siblings, but they’re still your family.

In short, I feel like romance and novels that involve massive plots about weather or not the couple will get together has been done to death. Novels about siblings and all of those crazy relationships is personally what I want to see more of.

Anyway, that’s my random post for now.

What would you personally like to see more of in media, novels and T.V shows?





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