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Book review: Everything I never told you

Everything I never told you by Celeste Ng.

If you follow this blog (thank you so much!) you might know that a few months ago, I reviewed Mrs. Ng’s 2nd book, Little Fires Everywhere and oh man, did I love that book. It is a favorite of mine. If you haven’t read it, please do yourself a favor and go do so. I enjoyed it so much that I started looking for anything else she might of written and found this one.

Plus after I posted that long list of books that I need to read, I gave myself a kick in the pants and I finished this one this week. Yay!

(Minor spoilers from the beginning of the book. Also, This book is sad, really sad. I’m the kind of person who enjoys that kind of thing, but if you don’t and want to read happier things, this book is not for you.)

This book is about the Lee family, a Chinese-American mixed family living in a small town on Ohio during the 1970’s. Very sadly, at the beginning of the book, their oldest daughter, who’s 16, drowns in a lake next to their house. The book then dives into a deep character study and history of this family, up to what happened that led this young girl to take her own life.

Like I said, a sad book and not for everyone. 

What I liked. First, the writing. Holy crap, this lady knows how to write. The entire time I was reading, I was jealous of Mrs. Ng’s skills. She expertly weaves together this tale, one that in another person’s hands could fall apart or be boring. The plot isn’t really crazy with a ton of twists or turns, it’s the story of a family falling apart. But here, it works. I hung onto every word and couldn’t read fast enough, wanting to know what will happen next.

There honestly wasn’t anything I disliked about this book. It’s not that long and just a  great character study. Anything this woman writes, I will go out and buy to read.


What do you think, have you read this book? What was your opinion?






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